Disabled USAF vet. Previously in theater for over 20 years. Last career was Substance abuse counselor(4 years). Married with 3 kids. Started programming in BASIC when I was 12 on an old NCR mainframe while my mother worked in the computer center. My first computer was a Timex/Sinclair 1000 then I got a Commodore 64 , after that they were just nameless boxes as I was working on aircraft radio's and radars. I didn't get back into programming until recently. I was interested in can bus systems and tuning my car and in order to understand the systems that control your car you must know at least some coding. I started with Python and learned what OOP means. Chasing down the rabbit hole of embedded systems, I found FORTH. My joy that I had when I was 12 was peaked. I want to learn more, I love the flexibility of the language. The community is incredible.

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