f 0.2.0

Forth package manager for theForthNet


Forth package manager for theForthNet


Download the zipfile, extract it and use fget to install the package itself. It will be the only package with a cumbersome installation ;)

Step by step:

  1. Download the package wget https://theforth.net/package/f/current.zip
  2. Extract the archive unzip current.zip
  3. Use gforth to install f via fget. gforth f.4th Inside Gforth: fget f x.x.x
  4. Delete the extracted archive rm -Rf f

From now on you can interface with f just by including forth-packages/f/x.x.x/f.4th.

As f is now a plain package, updating it to the latest version is as easy as typing fget f x.x.x.

Usage / Words

fall ( -- )

list all packages

fsearch ( <parse-needle> -- )

list all packages which contain needle in their name or description

finfo ( <parse-name> -- )

display information about a package

Example display the readme of the latest version of stringstack: finfo stringstack

fget ( <parse-name> <parse-version> -- )

download a package into fdirectory

Example download the most recent version of euler303: fget euler303 x.x.x

Example download a specific version: fget euler303 1.0.0

finclude ( <parse-name> <parse-version> -- )

include the main file of a package (if one is defined)

Example include a specific version of the stringstack: finclude stringstack 1.0.3

Limitation currently finclude does not support the N.M.x-numbering sceme, please use the fget-ed version explicitly

Read more about the version numbering scheme in the package-guidlines


fdirectory ( 2variable )

Holds the prefix-path for packages. Defaults to default-fdirectory ( -- c-addr n ) which yields ./forth-packages/.

Normally each project contains its own dependencies in the folder ./forth-packages. This makes it very easy to handle and ship a project/package, as everything is contained inside the project folder. It will also allow easy inclusion of the packages as there is no path-magic involved.

If you feel the need to centralize all packages or use another path layout, modify fdirectory like so: s" /home/fiz/forth/packages" fdirectory 2!

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