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mwords, voc-mwords

Martin Bitter

Version 1.0.0 - 2016-04-28

This package provides an implementation of two words mwords and voc-mwords for searching words that match a given string.


To use mwords and voc-mwords, just INCLUDE mwords.fs on any Forth-2012 system. After loading you still have a standard system.


Some Forthes like gforth come in the standard installation with a lot of words. In gforth the vocabulary forth holds about 2000 words. Not to mention other vocabularies like assembler or environment.

It often happens to me that I remember only a part of a words name or that I don’t remember if some special flavour of a word exists in gforth. So I find it very handy to look in a vocabulary for all words that match a given string. Therefore I wrote the word mwords. You could read it as match-words. A step further is voc-mwords which does the same as mwords but looks in all vocabularies. For handiness reasons the given string is parsed, that means it comes behind the invocation of mwords or voc-mwords.

mwords and voc-mwords are caps-ignoring i.e. searching for dup, DUP, Dup, dUp, etc. give the same results.

mwords and voc-mwords find all instances of a matching word. If there is a word overwritten by newer definitions the older versions will be shown too.

Example usage

Here are some examples how to use mwords:

Look for all words in the current wordlist that include dup in their names

mwords dup

?DUP-0=-IF ?DUP-IF fdup 2dup ?dup dup ?dup-0=-?branch ?dup-?branch ok

Don't remember if gforth has a words ?DO? Just type:

mwords ?do

[?DO] ?DO ?do-like (?do) ok

Is there a assembler version of BEGIN? Just type:

voc-mwords begin

Vocabulary: assembler


Vocabulary: Forth

begin-structure (begin-like) check-begin [BEGIN] BEGIN begin-like ok

Bug Reports

Please send bug reports, improvements and suggestions especially of typos and crude using of English to Martin Bitter


This program is tested with gforth. It should conform to Forth-2012.

May the Forth be with you!

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1.0.1, 1.0.0

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